Australian Visa for Thai


Subsequent Visa Applications

This is just a quick note about subsequent visa applications. I would suggest preparing any subsequent visa application exactly the same as the first. Cover all the requirements for the visa (ie reason for her to leave the country and that she has access to funds to cover the cost of the visit ect.) It is better to over-prepare an application than have it refused because someone was having a bad day.

If you do prepare a second application make sure that the first visit is noted on the application form. Also highlight it in the cover letter you include with the application.

From my experience, and from what I have heard from other people, a second tourist visa is likely to be valid for multiple entries and for 12 months.

However, do not expect her to be able to stay in Australia for 12 months doing short trips back to Thailand or somewhere else. It is a tourist visa she is applying for not one that allows her to reside in Australia. If you wish your lady to stay in Australia for an extended period consider enrolling her in an intensive English language course. This will allow her to apply for a student visa. If granted she will be able to work in Australia for up to 20 hours a week while studying. For more information on this type of visa see the student visa page on the Australian Immigration Department's website. The link will take you directly to the visa applicable to Thai nationals wanting to enrol in English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students (ELICOS) courses.

Similarly applying for a second tourist visa soon after she departs Australia may not result in another visa being issued. The immigration officer may think that the visa is being used for her to reside in Australia.

However, I know of one case where a Thai was issued three tourist visas in a short period of time. She spent 3 months in Australia then went back to Thailand for one month. While there she applied for a second visa and it was approved. After that 3 month stay she returned to Thailand and applied again soon after. The third visa was issued after she was contacted and asked what she was doing in Australia. She was honest with them and told them that she was developing a relationship with an Australian resident. She was informed that the visa would be the last tourist visa that she would be given.