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  • This page details what the Australian tourist visa is for and some of the requirement and conditions of the visa.

  • Here is a list of Thai post offices that accept applications for Australian tourist visas.

  • Describes the Australian visa options available to a Thai for a short visit.

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  • Page contains links to Australian tourist visa documents to be completed for an application for a tourist visa.

  • What a Thai lady entering Australia should be aware of in regards to immigration and customs.

  • A free guide to obtaining an Australian tourist visa for your Thai partner. You do not need an agent as you can do it yourself and save your valuable cash.

  • A description of how to apply for an Australian tourist visa and the role of the VFS Bangkok office. Also detaied is the cost of the visa application.

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  • Here you will find information on how to legally marry a Thai person in Thailand.

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  • This is the experience that one thai lady entering australia had arriving on a tourist visa for a short stay.

  • Here are details on how to apply for an online e600 tourist visa for a Thai national.

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  • This page discusses issues abut subsequent visa applications for a Thai national to visit Australia.

  • This page details what to include in an application for an Australian tourist visa for a Thai lady.

  • This page contains some details of the applcation process in Thai. It also relates some esperiences my girlfriend had entering Australia and her thoughts of Australia