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Australian Tourist Visa for a Thai Partner

Welcome to Australian Tourist Visa for a Thai Partner! If you have found your way here then it is likely that you are investigating how to go about getting an Australian tourist visa for your Thai partner. You do not need an immigration agent as you can do it yourself and save your valuable cash. While the site is aimed at getting a Thai national a tourist visa the same formula can be used for similar nationalities.

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The website’s prime aim is to guide you to prepare an application for an Australian tourist visa for another person. Even more specifically it is written for a guy to help his Thai girlfriend to obtain a tourist visa for Australia.

The formula set out in this guide is straight forward and simple to implement. If your partner has no criminal or security concerns then there is no reason why a well prepared, and honest, application should be refused. That said, no application is guaranteed to be approved. The most likely reasons for a refused application is failure to address one, or more, of the main criteria or a fraudulent application. A fraudulent application is likely to make subsequent applications even more difficult.

As you are preparing the application always keep in mind the two crucial criteria. The person processing the application will look for evidence that the applicant has a reason to leave the country at the end of the holiday. The applicant must also have access to enough funds to pay for the holiday expenses. The last point can be satisfied by another person providing the funds. Failing to address either, or both, of these areas is likely to result in a refusal.

Learn Thai Language Online On this website you will learn what types of visas are suitable for a Thai national to visit Australia. Details of how to go about applying for a tourist visa in Bangkok are laid out. More importantly you will find information on what documents you need to collect before your partner submits an application. Follow this basic guide and you will be well on your way of securing a tourist visa for you partner.

The details on this site have been written for an Australian citizen or resident to help a Thai person get a visa for Australia. However, with some minor adjustments it can be used by others. For instance the requirements for a tourist visa to the UK are similar.

Even if your lady has had an Australian visa application refused in the past it is still not impossible to make a successful application. This is with the condition that any past applications were not deemed to be fraudulent by the Australian authorities. You will need to address very carefully the area(s) that resulted in the previous being refused.

I want it made clear that I am not an immigration lawyer nor have I received training in Australian immigration law. What is presented here is based on my experience in gaining tourist visas for my Thai girlfriend. I know many people who have followed the same formula and not one application has been refused. I have given this formula to some of these people. I have met people who had no idea of how to prepare an application and have been disappointed when the application has been refused. They were refused simply due to ignorance of the requirements. The information presented here is only a guide and should not be considered as legal advice.

If you have concerns about your ability to prepare an application I would strongly advise you to seek profession help. Also, if your lady has any issues such as criminal, security or a number of failed applications then you should seriously consider getting profession advice. I would recommend Visa Oz if you have concerns about the application.

The website is free but I have a request to make if you find the information useful. I would appreciate a quick email telling me the result of the application (including what type of visa was issued) and about anything that happened that deviated from the information on the site. I would like the information to keep the website as up-to-date as possible. At present I am very interested in hearing about how the application result was communicated to the applicant as things have recently changed. Please send the information to . The information will be greatly appreciated.