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Australian Visa Options

There are a number of Australian visa options open to Thai nationals for short visits. The most useful is the most relevant is the Tourist Visa (subclass 676.) However, depending on your situation and desires there are other options that may be better in your situation.

We’ll start with the Tourist visa then move on to other visas that may be applicable then a note on one that is not available for bringing a Thai lady to Australia.

Tourist Visa (subclass 601 and 651)

These visas should not be confused with tourist visa (subclass 600.) These subclasses are for nationals of countries that are eligible to apply of an electronically stored authority (ETA - subclass 601) and eVisitors (subclass 651). Unfortunately, Thais are not eligible for this type of visa.

These visas allows a person to travel to Australia for a holiday or recreation. On this visa visitors may study for up to 3 month but they can not work.

Student Visa

An option to bring a Thai lady to Australia is a student visa. This has an added advantage that she can work while she is her. If you interested to see if your lady can adapt to living in Australia this is a visa worth considering. It will be more expensive but it has a lot of plusses including an improvement in her English.

The ELICOS Sector: Temporary Visa (Subclass 570) is designed for people enrolling in English language intensive courses for overseas students. Once she has been accepting into a course an application can be prepared.

For further details of this visa see the Department of Immigration and Citizen website. Note Thais have an assessment level of 2 for this type of visa.

Work and Holiday Visa (subclass 462)

This visa is available to Thai nationals. To be eligible a person must be between 18 and 30 and have a tertiary education. As such it is unlikely to be worth considering in most cases. However if your lady does fit the criteria see the Department of Immigration and Citizen website.

Sponsored Family Visitor visas

As of the 23rd of March 2013 these visas where incorporated into the tourist visas into the Sponsored Family stream.

There is often the mis-conception that guys sponsor Thai ladies to come to Australia. This is not strictly correct. It is more a case of you guaranteeing their stay. By that I mean that your visitor will provide for her will she is in Australia.

The Sponsored Family stream is for people with family members in Australia. As such it is not available to bring a lady to Australia.

Tourist Visa (subclass 600)     (Best Option)

In most situations the tourist visa (subclass 600) is the best option for bringing a Thai lady to Australia for a short stay. This is the visa that this website is aim at to help people to prepare an application that is highly likely to be approved. If there are no issues with you or your lady (eg criminal or security issues of a history of fraudulent visa applications) applications following the formula about to be presented is likely to result in a visa being issued.

The next few pages will detail the procedure for submission an application in Bangkok and what to submit with the application. Later details of what to expect after the application is submitted will be detailed.

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Good luck with your application!