Australian Visa for Thai


Australian Tourist Visa Application List

The list below to submit as part of an Australian tourist visa application is perhaps more than what is required. However, I am sure that you will agree that a little extra time in the preparation is a lot better than being refused a visa. If possible you should gather these documents in Australia before departure for Thailand. If you are already in Thailand most, if not all, can be obtained in Thailand.

Here is the list of documents that we provided and why they are required:
Completed application form: a fully completed application from is a must. You can download a form from the documents down load page. There is also a Thai version of the form with both English and Thai.

Letter from her employer: this is important as it provides a reason for her to return to Thailand. This is one of the most important factors that the person looking at the application will look for. If it is believed that she will not depart Australia in compliance of the visa the application will be refused. Saying that application have been approved without a a Thai lady having a job to return to. It is recommended that the letter from her employer saying that she has a job to return to be included in the application.

Her bankbook (not a copy) even though she had no savings and a photocopy of it: for some reason they want to see this even if it has no money in. It should not affect the result of the application if she has no savings. If you have been supporting her and it is reflected in her bankbook then ensure that this is highlighted.

Photocopy of her ID card both front and back: this is included as further proof of her identity.

Photocopy of her passport details page: once the application is accepted a recept will be attached to this and the photocopy stamped with some details of the application. It is important to keep this safe as it is required when the passport is to be collected.

Photocopy of her house registration book: Every Thai should be listed in a house registration book. It may be where she is actually living or where her family live.

Letter of invitation: this can be used to detail why she wants to go to Australia. Use it as a tool to highlight the strengths in the application. An example of a letter of invitation can be found on the Forms for Download page.

Statutory declaration stating the nature of your relationship with her and what you will provide for her whilst in Australia: the letter of invitation is a good tool to help the application but it doesn’t have too much weight. If you really want to drive home your sincerity then a statutory declaration is the way to go. If you are in Bangkok a stat dec can be witnessed at the Australian Embassy for 500 Baht. You do not need an appointment for this service. An example of a statutory declaration can be found on the Forms for Download page.

Letter from your employer or evidence of regular income: if you state in the application that you will be providing financial assistance for her in Australia then you have to prove that you are capable of doing it. To do this you have to show that you have a regular income high enough to support both her and herself for the duration of her stay. Evidence can be a letter from your employer, pay slips or a statement from the account into which your salary is paid into. If possible more than one piece of evidence is recommended. If the person is not convinced that sufficient funds are available for her stay in Australia the application is likely to be refused.

Evidence of communication while you are apart: It is not necessary to prove that a relationship between you and the lady you want to bring to Australia exists. However there are benefits to show that there is some link between the two of you. For that reason it is a good idea to show that there is communication between you and her while you are away from Thailand. This can be telephone records, emails or letters with original envelopes. Also you may like to provide evidence for the time you have spent in Thailand with her.

Evidence of any financial support you have given her: again this is just building up a picture that there is a link between the two of you.

Photographs of both of you together: further evidence of a relationship.

Copy of your passport details page: This may or may not be required. If you do not have a copy and are going to the office when submitting the application make sure you have your passport with you. If you will not be going to the office make sure there is a copy with the application.

Important Note: As of January 2013 the applicant's passport is not submitted with the application. Along with a copy of the details page copies of all pages containing stamps is required. Of course the passport should be on hand when the application is submitted. I will update the website when I hear of the exact procedure of how the decision on the application is communicated.

For the official list of required documents refer to the Immigration Department's website: Visitor visa (subclass 600) Tourist Stream: document checklist.

If you think that there is a chance that you may apply for a permanent visa for her to live in Australia at a later date you can lay a good foundation for that application. If done correctly there is no reason that applications for tourists visas can not be used as evidence of how long a relationship between the two of you has existed. If this is a possibility use this to the best of your advantage. Also start investigating what evidence you will need to make such an application. One recommendation I would make is to open a joint bank account in Thailand and use it regularly. You may like to take the time to read the Immigration Department's Partner Migration booklet.