Australian Visa for Thai


Australian Tourist Visa (subclass 600)

This section explains details of the Australian tourist visa (subclass 600). Details of what the visa is about and the requirements are given. In the following section how to apply for this type of visa in Bangkok will be detailed.Australian tourist visa

As previously stated this is the visa that will suit most people’s needs for a visa for a short stay for a Thai lady. With a properly prepared application the probability of a visa being issued is high. People following the simple formula detailed on this website have a high rate of success on their first attempt to gain this visa for a Thai lady.

The Australian tourist visa (subclass 600) is available for stays of 3 or 6 months. In certain circumstances 12 month visas may be issued. They can be single or multiple entry and valid for up to 12 months. On a first application the Bangkok Embassy is likely to issue a single entry visa which is valid for 3 months for a 3 month visit. It seems to be standard policy to issue multiple entry 12 month visas for 3 months stays on subsequent applications, unless the time spent outside of Australia is short.

From July 2016 the Australian government will run a trial that will allow for the issuing of 3 year multiple entry visas to Thais. This is aimed at increasing tourism targeting 'low risk' applicants. On a first application this may only be available to fairly affluent Thai applicants. Perhaps it might be possible to get one of these visas on a subsequent application, if the person complies with the conditions of the first visa. At this stage it is not possible to be sure how the Australian embassy in Bangkok will implement this scheme.

Once a visa is issued the person must enter Australia before the visa expires. It doesn’t matter when the person arrives within the validity period as a 3 month stay will be given. For example, if a person arrives on the last day of validity they can remain in Australia for 3 months.

The visa allows a person to travel to Australia for a holiday or recreation. On this visa visitors may study for up to 3 month but they can not work. If a person intends to study for more than 4 weeks a chest x-ray may be required.

It is possible to extend this visa if the person has complied with the previous visa conditions, still meet the eligibility criteria and there is no a ‘No further stay’ condition on the original visa.

As a visitor to Australia a Thai national is not entitled to health care under Medicare. For this reason it is highly recommended that a suitable travel insurance policy is purchased for the duration of the stay.

An import requirement for this visa is that funds are available to support the person during their stay. This can be provided by the visitor or another person. If another person is suppling the funds then it is income rather than assets that is important.

The official application fee for this visa is $140. It is non-refundable even if an application is refused. The Bangkok Embassy then calculates a Baht equivalent for applications lodged there. In the next section the current cost in Baht will be given.

As it is very important I would like to have you reread a paragraph from the previous page (in the following paragraph).

As you are preparing the application always keep in mind the two crucial criteria. The person processing the application will look for evidence that the applicant has a reason to leave the country at the end of the holiday. The applicant must also have access to enough funds to pay for the holiday expenses. The last point can be satisfied by another person providing the funds. Failing to address either, or both, of these areas is likely to result in a refusal.

Before preceeding with the following instructions you may like to explore an online application. Since writing this guide I have become aware that it is possible for Thais to use this system. At some point in the future I will update the guide to include details. Navigate to Visitor e600 Visa Online Applications for further details.